Serge Apprenticeship Program | North Africa| 24 months

  • Serge
  • N. Africa
  • Feb 12, 2021
Full time Business Development Sm Groups/Disciple Min./Church Positions Outreach/Assimilation Min./Church Positions Ch Sch K-12 TESOL/ESL

Job Description

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The Serge teams in North Africa focus on reaching Arabic-speaking populations with the gospel of God’s grace. Our desire is to see new believers raised up in areas where so little of the Lord’s light is recognized. We want to see the church grow in North Africa and foster relationships through development activities and Business for Transformation (B4T). 

What’s the profile of a Serge apprentice in North Africa?  

In a nutshell, apprentices join a Serge team for 24 months and gain frontline experience by taking risks, building friendships and proclaiming the Good News.  Apprentices provide much of the life and energy that propel Serge’s ministry outward and onward. What do we hope apprentices experience? We hope apprentices will be rooted in the reality that God loves them. This life-changing love propels risky living and bold proclamation of the Gospel of God’s grace. What does this look like? It looks like a mix of believing, learning, loving, and serving—all of this is where we see God’s grace at the fray. 


The gospel teaches us that we are not what we do, but that we have been given a new identity in Christ. The living God has brought us into a relationship with Himself and called us His children. This new identity has many powerful consequences and benefits. The challenge to the apprentice is to believe this and allow this good news to change him or her. 


Apprentices need to embrace a learner’s posture. Priceless lessons await the apprentice in areas such as prayer, language learning, ministering out of weakness, life in community, business, development, and the power of the gospel for everyday life. Apprentices will have the chance to explore these and other themes in the context of one-on-one mentoring, group training times, and daily living and ministering with teammates. Most importantly, with growing fluency in Arabic, and significant cultural literacy, second year apprentices develop a plan for ongoing ministry in North Africa. 


As a team, Serge desires to step into the fray with hurting and lost people and lead them to the One who can heal and rescue. We can do this only if we realize that we are broken and hurting people who have been healed and rescued by Jesus ourselves. Thus, the call to the apprentice—along with the rest of the team—is to throw oneself upon the Father and to risk and love boldly out of the resources granted by His Spirit. We love because He first loved us! 


Apprentices join something that is bigger than they are as individuals. They come into the context of a team and a greater community whom they are called to serve. This will often mean putting aside personal desires and needs in order to serve the bigger purposes and vision of the team and its ministry. This can only be done if we are secure in knowing who we are in Christ.

 No previous language study is necessary; a willingness to study Arabic is needed.