Executive Assistant

  • Chicago Campus Initiative/Cornerstone Central Parish
  • WeWork 220 N Green St, North Green Street, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Jun 29, 2020
Part time Admin-Clerical Entry Level

Job Description

Serve as an executive assistant to CCI Director and Parish Pastor, Nate Beasley, so that he can be freed up to be more present with employees, fellows, and parishioners, better prepared for meetings, tasks, and crises that may come up, and more pastoral because he won’t need to rush off to the next administrative task and can therefore focus on shepherding the person(s) in front of him. 

This role is, by necessity, flexible since the primary directive of the executive assistant is to take tasks off of Nate’s to-do list that could be done by the executive assistant. Typical responsibilities, however, include scheduling appointments, managing staff communication, various administrative tasks, keeping track of deadlines and multi-stage projects to make sure nothing is missed, research, and taking raw data (a quick conversation or a voice memo) and crafting it into a presentable, organized form (meeting agenda, presentation, outline).

The job is 32 hours/week, M-Th, 8am-4pm

Essential Functions

  • Manage a long term schedule for Nate
  • Draft emails or presentations for Nate 
  • Conduct any research Nate needs
  • Triage Nate’s tasks and appointments when an unexpected crisis comes up
  • Make travel arrangements on Nate’s behalf
  • Problem solve any issues Nate requests
  • Schedule meetings for Nate
  • Communicate between Nate and other staff
  • Create systems to organize and track the various projects and administrative tasks that come up for Nate
  • Ensure that no project gets lost or overlooked in the busyness and urgency of campus and church ministry 
  • Do similar tasks for other staff members in the rare seasons Nate’s workload can’t fill all the hours

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Top of the line organizational skills, and excitement/creativity around setting up new systems to organize Nate’s complex schedule and to-do list
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Quick learner who can learn the director’s preferences and style quickly and is flexible and competent enough to accommodate that
  • Ability to maintain an accurate calendar
  • Great planning abilities
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to follow confidentiality guidelines, will see highly sensitive communications from time to time
  • Responds to feedback well
  • Proficiency with Google Programs (Docs, Sheets, etc.) 
  • Ability to make travel plans
  • Loves Jesus and his church, faithfully attending a church and living honorably before God and people

Preferred Requirements

  • Attends/has experience in a diocesan church 
  • Has experience in finance, QuickBooks proficiency, etc. 
  • Has 2 years of TA, administrative assistant, or office assistant experience
  • Has a true love of this kind of work and potential interest in doing it long-term 

If you are interested in applying, please fill out this form and we’ll send you a preliminary application.  (Greenhouse Movement is the parent ministry of CCI and Cornerstone Anglican Church.)