Associate Pastor

$30,000 yearly
  • First Baptist Church of Machesney Park
  • First Baptist Church of Machesney Park (FBCMP), Harlem Road, Machesney Park, IL, USA
  • Feb 18, 2021
Part time Assoc. Pastor/Church Positions

Job Description

Principal Functions: You are responsible for providing spiritual leadership for students in the Youth Ministry (grades 7 through 12) via the Church and providing oversight of students from kindergarten through college.

The Senior Pastor shall serve as the supervisor for the Associate Pastor, attending regular meetings with you, and with additional oversight from our Personnel Workgroup as needed. You can expect to dedicate 30 hours per week to this salaried position ($30,000 annually).

  • Qualifications
  1. Formal or volunteer leadership experience related to the principal functions is necessary.
  2. You must be able to maintain confidentiality, be dependable, and be responsible in leading students.
  3. Support the denominational agencies with which the Church is in cooperation.
  4. Represent the essential beliefs of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Church.
  5. Possess a positive Christian faith and witness.
  6. Conduct himself in a Christian manner according to scriptural guidelines.
  7. Understand and communicate with various types of people.
  8. Be spiritually sensitive and committed to Christ and the Church.
  9. Have a desire to serve Christ and to love people.


  1. Allot 90% of time towards the Youth Ministry and 10% towards oversight of the Children and Young Adult Ministries.
  2. You will lead the Youth Ministry in its mission to lead students to Christ and thereafter discipling them to:
    1. proclaim the gospel,
    2. care for one another, other believers, and all people in the community, and
    3. develop leadership skills in the Church.
  3. Cooperate with other ministries and workgroups as needed.
  4. Supervise the Student Ministry and report appropriate information to proper committees/ workgroups.
  5. Lead in planning, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating the Student Ministry.
  6. Enlist workers to assist in Student Ministry activities including, but not limited to, Youth fundraising events and mission opportunities.
  7. Manage the Youth Ministry and your personal social media presence to always reflect Christ.
  8. Recommend and advise in the selection of all curriculum and Student Ministry teachers.
  9. Manage and update minor students’ information and release forms.
  10. Represent the Church in a Christ-like manner at civic, community, and denominational functions.
  11. Be a member of the Church and participate in its activities.