Chicagoland Campus Ministry Staff

$40,000 - $50,000 yearly
  • National School Project
  • Chicago, IL, USA
  • Jul 16, 2021
Full time Nonprofit-Christian Ministry

Job Description

National School Project is looking for Campus Ministry Staff to bring Christ to students across the nation. Are you one of them?
The National School Project is a rapidly growing ministry working to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every high school in California, Illinois, and the nation. Our tagline – ’til every student has heard – is wide open and huge, and that’s how we operate. For the past 15 years, our team has been learning how to equip high school students as the leaders of a movement to reach the next generation for Christ, and we’ve seen amazing success. All glory to God, it’s been a wild ride and a thrilling place to work. In the next three years, we seek to give 1 million students in 12 major cities across the nation the opportunity to hear the gospel. We are looking for leaders who want to help make that happen and are willing to trust God to raise the support to fund their positions (see more on that below).

Open Positions Include:

  • Area Director positions
  • Field Staff positions

About Chapters Chapters are the building blocks of our strategy to equip middle and high school students as teen evangelists. Leading them is critical to our success. An NSP Chapter has the mission to build a movement that brings about student-led, church-supported campus awakening to the love of Christ at the high schools in a geographic area.

  • Chapters (made up of a group of volunteers recruited from local churches, colleges, and other connections in the area) train and send Coaches to high school campuses where high school student leaders rise up to reach this generation.
  • Chapters resource and accelerate the work that the body of Christ is doing to reach all the schools that happen to be in a radius around a university.
  • Without the flood of volunteers and energy that a Chapter can produce, our ministry is just a bunch of good ideas and a hefty training manual. But a well-trained and highly motivated Chapter Team is a catalyst to activate the students and churches for the gospel opportunities before them at public high school campuses.

The job of a Campus Ministry Leader is big because you’re responsible for big goals. The purpose of each chapter is to build a gospel movement that transforms lives across a whole a region of high schools and middle schools. Within this broad and challenging mission, this job has several clear roles:

  • Evangelist: We’re a gospel-ministry and all members of our team – especially those at the top – are involved in sharing Christ. More than personally sharing Christ, leaders are responsible to instill this value into every level of the team and coach others to do the same.
  • Recruiter: We’re a volunteer-based ministry, always looking for good people to do their part to accelerate the mission before us. We believe that pretty much everyone we meet has some part to play in the mission, and we aggressively make those connections.
  • Leadership Coach: NSP is a leadership-development organization. Everything we accomplish is always done through people, so we continually equip students, volunteers, and team leaders to fully develop all the talents that God has given them. Your role will be one of influence, teaching, and inspiration, helping those under your care to grow into the good works that God has prepared for them to walk in.
  • Networker: Chapters are commissioned to reach schools across a geographic area. Surrounding each school is a Christian community of local churches and mature believers. You’ll work to build connections and partnerships with them, so that together you can reach the students in your areas of ministry. 
  • Shepherd: Leading a team of people sometimes comes with interpersonal challenges (and sometimes crises); you’ll handle them with grace and truth in the power of the Spirit because our volunteers and our leaders matter.
  • Team Manager: Oversee part-time employees and volunteers, including college students and community members. You’re responsible to ensure that all of them receive the training they need to be successful, and that they abide by NSP’s standards and protocols for ministry behavior.

Day to day responsibilities: Campus Ministry Campus Ministry Staff do work out of an office but are in the field most of the week. During the ministry year (September – May) you’ll be in the field 50-75% of the time, either at your chapter site or visiting high schools we’re coaching, or connecting with pastors and other community leaders.

Job Requirements You’re a great candidate for this role if most of these describe you:

  • You love the lost. People who don’t know Christ, who are hurting and broken without the peace of God…you care about them!
  • You believe in the power of the gospel to change lives and truly heal broken communities by restoring relationship with God.
  • You're entrepreneurial and a go getter. Driven and goal-oriented, you’re eager to grow the impact of your team to spread the gospel
  • You have a burden and a vision for reaching your area
  • You know the value of serving a movement bigger than yourself and your leadership. Campus Ministry Staff work in in partnership with pastors, teachers, parents, and the general Christian community in the city. And if those partnerships don’t exist yet, Chapter Staff build them.
  • You want to be part of a far-reaching and effective ministry. With millions of students around the nation who need to know Christ, you’re not content to reach just one campus.
  • You are a superior verbal communicator, winsome in personal conversation and in public speaking.
  • You have experience leading others and know that leading others is service to them. Leading is one of the most effective ways you deploy the talents and the godly passions that God has given you.
  • You’re visionary – you see a different future than the current reality, and you can tell people about it in ways that motivate them to help you make that change.
  • You’re a good coach and enjoy helping others you lead to reach their full potential and serve Christ for years to come.
  • You’re detailed and organized when it comes to planning the future and managing your team.
  • You’re ready for a full-time job, 45+ hours/week, and are ready to commit to something you can really sink your teeth into for several years.

In addition, you have the qualities we look for in every NSP staff member:

  • You are an Evangelical Christian who loves the gospel and evangelism
  • You’re a wise and mature believer who knows the Word and does what it says
  • You’re a quick learner in all areas, and eager to learn
  • You have high moral integrity, emotional health, social awareness and spiritual maturity
  • You work with enthusiasm and excellence
  • You are a strong planner and clear written communicator
  • You possess high initiative and constantly seek self-improvement

Support Raising

All NSP staff are involved in the whole mission of NSP. We believe that student-led campus outreach is most effective when it is supported by a strong network of Christian adults praying and giving and investing in the long-term success of the student movement. Therefore, we design our campus ministry leadership roles to unite the dual tracks of equipping students and mobilizing community support. **Note: previously NSP staff raised 100% of their salary and expenses; under our new funding model staff are paid for their work and equipped to raised funds toward the costs of reaching their mission field. We’ll give you tons of training, encouragement, and ongoing coaching. If you like everything else and feel like this could be a good fit for you, do not let support raising stop you; let’s talk first.

The big question: Is this the mission field for you?

You may have a lot of questions. This may be unlike most jobs you've considered. That's OK. The most important question - the one you should pray about, and the one that we'll be asking - is whether or not you can get excited and remain deeply motivated to reach this generation of students for Christ. Without the gospel, 3.3 million students are graduating high school every year, lost and without hope in the world. We want to fix that. Is this your mission field?

If you don't know for sure, that's OK. Get started with the process and let's talk. Just fill out the short form, and we'll be in touch.