Teachers Needed! MK/International Schools

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  • Apr 29, 2021
Full time Ch Sch K-12 International Sch Pub Sch K-12

Job Description

There is a great need for qualified teachers and support staff around the globe in MK and International schools. Use your degree in education or professional background to serve children and their families around the world. There are also many opportunities for Education majors to student teach overseas as well. Check with individual schools for more information.

These are just a few of the international schools looking for teachers:

SENEGAL Dakar Academy: https://worldventure.com/popportunities/mk-international-school-faculty-staff-10/

GERMANY Black Forest Academy: https://worldventure.com/popportunities/mk-international-school-faculty-staff/

PHILIPPINES Faith Academy: https://worldventure.com/popportunities/mk-international-school-faculty-staff-12/

HUNGARY International Christian School of Budapest: https://worldventure.com/popportunities/mk-international-school-faculty-staff-5/

JAPAN Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ): https://worldventure.com/popportunities/mk-international-school-faculty-staff-13/

*Interested in one of these opportunities? Or interested in information on other student-teacher and professional teaching opportunities? Get started or find out more at: https://worldventure.com/going/

You can browse all International school-related opportunities here: https://worldventure.com/explore/opportunities/?location=&ministry=international-schools&internship=&mtime=

Desired skills and requirements depend on the MK/International school. Refer to the opportunity links for specific requirements.