Serge Apprenticeship Program | Prague | 24 months

  • Serge
  • Remote (Prague, Czechia)
  • Jun 07, 2021
Full time Church Planter/Church Positions Nonprofit-Christian Ministry Training

Job Description

Length of Service: 24 Months

Language requirements: None prior to arrival, but you will study introductory Czech in all placements, and further study will be necessary in some.

Types of work:

  • Church Planting Support
  • Youth and Children
  • Discipleship and Evangelism to peers
  • Working with local partners in mercy ministries

Prague is an international city, drawing people from around the world with its beauty, history, culture, and economic opportunities. It is also the capital of one of the most atheistic countries in the world: approximately three-quarters of the population identify as atheists. Planting churches in this city brings together people of diverse national and spiritual backgrounds, offering them the opportunity to see and experience the gospel lived out in the context of a believing community.

The Serge teams in Prague focus on reaching both the Czech and international communities with the gospel. Faith Community Church was planted in 2007 as an international church. In 2017, the church sent out a group to start a bilingual church plant, DoSlova. Both churches also partner with other local groups for outreach through mercy ministry.  stitch-2000-300x1.png

As an apprentice in Prague, you will…

  • Enter the context of a church planting team and serve as a support to the work
  • Join weekly Serge Apprenticeship classes for equipping and prayer
  • Get a taste for language learning as you tackle survival Czech
  • Explore ways mercy ministry can further the outreach of the local church

Overall, the Prague Apprenticeship prepares and propels someone toward Christ-dependent ministry with skills that help you cross cultures both at home and abroad. 

As a Serge Apprentice, you are paid a salary. Apprentices are required to raise 100% of their salaries, ministry expenses, and administrative expenses to serve overseas. We provide a support coach to guide you through the process. The amount you need to raise can vary significantly depending on the country of service, marital status, experience, and job requirements. For more info – please fill out a go form and start a conversation with us.