Pastor of Discipleship

  • Community Bible Church
  • Omaha, NE, USA
  • Jun 08, 2021
Full time Assoc. Pastor/Church Positions

Job Description

Position Purpose

Our heart is to see people grow both in their relationship with Jesus and with others in the body of Christ because loving God

and loving others is central to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Pastor of Discipleship will endeavor to help adults, from

college all the way through their senior years, to grow in their love for the Savior and for others. We seek to intentionally

move people into discipleship opportunities to “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ."

Discipleship Responsibilities

  • Fellowship Groups
    • Coach & Equip the Leaders
      • Encourage ongoing development of groups and group leaders
      • Inspire, equip, coach, encourage group leaders
    •  Involvement in a Group
      • Responsible for all aspects of ensuring the congregation is connecting with one another and building community through a strong, healthy and growing small group ministry
      • Create promotional materials/methods ensuring everyone in the church is aware of the purpose and importance of the small group ministry
      • Help existing or new members find an appropriate group
    • Begin New Groups
      • Cast a vision for the congregation regarding the importance of small group ministry
      • Identify potential leaders
      • Build a team of leaders able to serve in the small group ministry
      • Assist existing groups to multiply into new groups
    • Administration
      • Identify or develop curriculum and other study materials and tools for small group use
      • Maintain church records on fellowship groups
  • Men’s and Women’s Ministries
    • Work with a team of men to oversee a comprehensive and systematic ministry to the men of the church
    • Assist the women’s ministries leadership team coordinating a unified approach to both the men’s and women’s discipleship emphasis
  • Adult Bible Classes (ABC)
    • Integrate ABC content into an overall discipleship strategy
    • Identify and support teachers for the ABC ministry
    • Plan an annual teachers and classes
  • Be receptive to any ideas and means which could be beneficial in cultivating spiritual growth in the adults of the church


  • Share Sunday morning preaching responsibilities (approximately 8 Sundays a year)
  • Teach in small groups, Bible classes, and other ministry settings

Administration and Oversight

  • Establish and manage an annual budget for all discipleship ministries
  • Assist in areas of visitation, counseling, correspondence and other areas as time and expertise permit
  • Along with the other pastoral staff, assist in the organization of church calendar and events
  • Other duties as specified