Communications Intern

  • Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa
  • Remote (South Africa)
  • Feb 03, 2021
Intern Comm./Mketing/Design Book Publishing Journalism Radio T.V. and Video

Job Description

Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa is an old mission with a vast opportunity.  20+ million African people identify themselves as "amaZioni", or people of Zion.  These "Zionists" are an indigenous people group that are syncretistic, mixing traditional practices of ancestor worship with forms of Christianity.

ZEMA has a wide open door to reach these people because of ZEMA's rich history and the foundational beliefs we share that are rooted in Christianity.  ZEMA's purpose is "to know God and make Him known among the amaZioni."  Embracing what is African while reinforcing what is Christian, ZEMA missionaries encourage these African Initiated Churches to "stay African", and grow in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

ZEMA is looking for communications students with creative minds and a fresh outlook who would be available to assist us to tell the story, and get the word out!  The amaZioni people are open to the gospel and welcome ministers of the Gospel who are willing to embrace what is African while evangelizing and discipling church leaders.  ZEMA is bringing the gospel back into an apostate church.  With over 130 churches registered with the Zion Evangelical Fellowship of Africa, and 2000+ church leaders studying at our Zion Bible Schools, ZEMA aims to cooperate and join with what God is doing to grow the African body of believer's in Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in an internship in the next year or two, please consider spending time with us.  We are eager to talk with you. We would like you to consider how you might assist us to grow ZEMA's reach by chronicling impactful stories.  We have thoughts we would like to build upon.  You have gifts, talents, and innovative ideas.

  1. Trip fees/transportation: An amount that pays for an airline ticket to South Africa, and any other tickets (domestic airline or bus) required to travel to other ministry locations.
  2. The daily rate is $50/day.  This amount covers
    • room and board,
    • transportation in South Africa,
    • remuneration of a translator as needed, and
    • one night in a South African Game Reserve.
  3. Stipend:  Up to $3000 to offset school costs for the following year, that may have been earned in a Stateside work opportunity.
  4. Final amount to be raised by the intern
    • Minimum - An amount to pay for all trip fees and daily rate.
    • Maximum - An amount to pay for trip fees, daily rate plus additional funds attributed to the Stipend amount.

Further questions may be directed to :     Greg Seghers, Field Director,