South Loop Loft

South Loop Loft 1500 South Western Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
Aug 12, 2019
We have a 2700 sq foot warehouse space for our gallery on 15th and Western and we are looking for 2 people who have some experience with interior painting to hire.  This gig requires you to have: - 2 Consecutive days of availability  - Some Painting Experience  - Attention to Detail   - Sense of Pride in your work + carefulness of our surroundings. The unit does have some of our inventory in storage and it is mandatory we have a clean paint job performed so no items get damaged.   We wil be providing the primer, paint, 2 rollers, paper towel, 4 paint pans, drop cloths and painters tape.   The paint job is in one large room with four walls (8 feet tall) and the other walls measure app. 32 feet in length x 85 feet. We expect this job to take 2 days: One day for prep + priming and one day to apply 2 coats of white paint. The space is not air conditioned, we will have an oscillating fan.   This gig pays $200 per person. If you have a friend you'd like to do this with, please include their email contact in your submission. Both parties must have some experience painting.  When Emailing: Please include your dates of availability and some details on your experience painting.  This job is posted by a Moody Alum.