Foothills Bible Church

Foothills Bible Church is a unique, dynamic, non-denominational, Christian church located along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Littleton, Colorado. Roughly 1,600 people call FBC their home church and attend one of our 2 Sunday morning worship services. FBC is excited to continue growing as we live out our Vision - Everyone’s Welcome because nobody’s perfect and God has BIG plans for your life.

Littleton is a vibrant community with significant industries in engineering, technology, and healthcare on the westside of Denver. It’s the best of 2 worlds: the conveniences of modern society within 10 minutes of the rugged outdoors. Outdoor recreation and leisure are deeply ingrained in our culture regardless of the season! You will find this creates a blend of people in different life-stages who appreciate positive attitudes, relational experiences, and down to earth communication.