Engedi Church


Engedi Church is a young, passionate, diverse and missional community of around 2200 people who are committed to loving and serving God, our neighbors and the world. We preach the gospel, and we do our best to live it out.  Since our inception in 2005, Engedi’s mission has been to advance the Kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide. We have identified five core values we believe mark the advance of Jesus’ Kingdom in our midst. These values serve as guidelines for a way of life that best helps us live in and share the kingdom of God (see engedichurch.com).   

We believe God’s original dream for creation was to create a community of people who experience complete wholeness of mind, body, emotions and soul in Him, and deep, meaningful and diverse relationships with each other. Jesus began His ministry by announcing He had come to bring good news to the poor, to release the oppressed and to free the imprisoned. He called the experience of these realities living in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is an ever-expanding reality of those who are experiencing the restoration of what was lost at the Fall – harmony with God, within ourselves and within our relationships – all through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. While full restoration will not occur until His return, Jesus invites us to both experience and extend restoration in the now. This is why Engedi exists.