Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry supplies full-time Christian chaplains to jails and prisons across the United States.

Aug 03, 2022
Full time
$50,000 yearly
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry Remote (Pearl City, HI, USA, Visalia, CA, Daytona Beach, FL, Las Cruces, NM, Sterling, CO, Pascagoula, MS, Hampton Roads, VA)
Job Descrip ti on: The Chaplain is responsible for providing comprehensive Christian pastoral ministry to the residents and staff of the correctional facility; provide other services to inmates, staff, public officials, and the community that will enhance the overall ministry.   Job Duties : General day to day job duties include the following: Provide comprehensive Christian chaplaincy services to inmates and staff: counseling, conducting/scheduling Christian worship services, Bible studies and arranging clergy visits, distributing literature and performing other pastoral and ministerial functions as appropriate. Facilitate access and ministry of religious volunteers for all faith traditions recognized by the facility. Handle emergency and death notifications among inmates and their families. Encourage and counsel inmates, correctional officers, and other facility staff. Recruit, supervise and train religious volunteers. Promote the visibility of the...