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Academics In Asia (AIA) is the exclusive recruiting group for Sias University in China. We have helped place 300 recent college grads overseas, negotiate tuition discounts for MA TESOL, MS Education, MBA, MA Intercultural Studies and PhD Leadership from reputable schools like BIOLA, APU, CIU, Huntington University, Cairn University and Johnson University. 

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Mar 14, 2023
Full time
$11.00 - $15.00 hourly
Academics In Asia Henan, China
We have 50+ openings at Sias University and 10 at our partner schools! Let us know which one are you most interested in?  30 Conversational English Teachers (BA & 2 Years Teaching Experience or TESOL Certificate) 2 English Composition (MA Degree) 5 Language Arts, History, Cross-Cultural Communication Teachers (MA Degree) Uniqueness of Sias University Opportunity : Sias University (SiasU) arranges a welcome team of returning teachers who meet our new teachers at the airport, SiasU hosts new teacher orientation, a team of volunteer students who serve our new teachers with getting settled in China (bank card, SIM card, going shopping, setting up online banking, teaching survival Chinese). Here’s an overview of the opportunity in an e-book form ( download PDF )....