Allison Bible Church

Allison Bible Church

108 Pfaltzgraff St. P.O. Box 642

Allison, Iowa 50602


Church Profile

Allison, Iowa is in northcentral Iowa. Allison is the county seat of Butler County located where US Highway 3 joins State Highway 14.  It is about 20 miles west of Waverly, 25 miles east of Hampton, and about 10 miles north of Parkersburg.  Allison is a part of the North Butler Community School District. The population of Allison is about 1000, has a well-established business community, the county fairgrounds, and is surrounded by some of the best farmland in the state of Iowa.

Allison Bible Church was founded in 1976 by several concerned families who had a burden to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in their home community. The church building was dedicated in 1979 and an addition was put on in 2005. Through the years 9 different pastors and several Interims have served the congregation.  At the present time the church attendance is between 10-15 loyal individuals.  We believe the church still is an important gospel voice to Allison and the surrounding communities. Allison Bible is a member church of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America International (

We are looking for a Pastor who would look at the church as a rebuilding and revitalizing project. Someone who is committed to evangelism and who is willing to connect with the community and help the congregation reach the community again. A Pastor who is a Bible expositor and teacher and agrees with our church doctrine.

The church is unable to pay a full-time Pastor’s salary, so we seek a Pastor who is willing to work part time at a secular job, or one who is retired, or one who has an alternative source of income. 

For our Doctrinal Statement see the website.  See our church website:, and our Facebook page:

You may contact one of the following church leaders with any questions or submitting a resume:

Jerry Glass/Elder:;   641-450-8044

Brian Kruse/Treasurer:   641-430-0966

Phil Butler/Interim Pastor   515-975-0791


Thank you for considering this Ministry.