Topeka Bible Church

Topeka Bible Church is a nondenominational church with an average in-person weekly attendance of 1,000.  TBC is a healthy organization, with a wide variety of ministries such as a children's program, an active student ministry, several Sunday adult classes, dozens of small groups, a trend-setting women's ministry and several men's studies and groups. TBC has a heart for missions, both locally and globally, with over twenty percent of its budget going to fifty-five missionaries and missions organizations. Dozens of TBCers go on short-term missions trips each year to places such as Haiti. The young adults ministry sponsors regular missions trips to the Czech Republic and Hungary.

TBC is actively involved in serving the needs of the Topeka community. Two examples are its clothing closet, which gives away over 2,000 articles of clothing each month and its involvement with local parachurch organizations to reach an underprivileged area of the city.

TBC is also actively involved to reach Topeka's spiritual needs, along with physical needs. One example is its annual light show, which involves over one hundred volunteers working together to produce a Light Show, attracting over 5,000 Topekans - the majority of whom have no church home, where the gospel is clearly presented. Short clips of the show can be viewed at and

Camp Catapult is staffed by one hundred fifty volunteers, allowing four hundred children to have fun while hearing and growing in the Word for one week during the summer.

TBC is on solid financial footing, with receipts exceeding expenses by at least $400,000 each of the last eight fiscal years. This 'excess' is applied to special missions needs, benevolence needs and capital projects.