Decatur Bible Church

Decatur Bible Church is a rural country church in a town of about 2,000 people. We are approximately 30 minutes Southwest of Kalamazoo. The core of DBC is well grounded in the scriptures and we are often seen as a loving and friendly congregation. This core also tends to be largely made up of retired folks. Sunday school is an important part of DBC as it ministers to nursery ages through adult. DBC has been committed to the AWANA program for over 30 years and we also hold VBS every summer. This church has a strong mission mindset, and approximately a quarter of our annual budget goes towards missions.

We are looking for a senior pastor who will passionately preach the TRUTH of the Word of God with all boldness and sincerity. He must be a man who is convicted to follow the word of God, no matter the cost, even in the midst of the perverse and crooked generation in which we live. He must be a man who realizes the importance of the Great Commission and is willing to passionately lead our church in reaching the community.