Watson Bible Church

Watson Bible Church is a member of the
IFCA, theologically conservative, Premillenial,
and Dispensational. It currently
runs about 55 attendees and has 31
members. Ages range from infant to senior
citizen with a good healthy mix. Our worship, music, and
ministry style is primarily
traditional but with flexibility. Watson is a small,
rural agricultural
Church attendees
are drawn from a
wide area. Watson
is close to US131
which connects the
nearby major cities
of Grand Rapids
and Kalamazoo.

Watson Bible Church 1626 116th Ave, Otsego, MI 49078
Oct 22, 2021
Full time
Watson Bible Church is seeking a full time shepherd and leader of high character, with shared biblical convictions.  Good people skills are required.  The main emphasis will be to teach the word of God.  In addition, he with the board will provide spiritual leadership and vision for the church, as well as care for the individual members of the fellowship. Specific responsibilities will be: Preaching/Teaching:  Must be primarily expository preaching.  We would expect the pastor to be prepared for Sunday morning and night services.  We would not expect him to teach Sunday School except on a very limited basis.  Prayer meetings should be attended by the Pastor but do not necessarily need to have a lesson/study presented by him and can focus mainly on prayer. Shepherding/Nurturing:  We expect our pastor, when possible, to be the leader during a crisis situation affecting our church members, and also to be our primary representative in hospital visits and similar...