Addison Street Community Church

Small, historic non-denominational church in the midst of an affluent neighborhood. We are committed to the doctrines of grace, biblical exposition, healthy church membership and evangelism. We have committed ourselves to a gradual process of revitalization for future gospel impact.

$125 - $150 weekly
Addison Street Community Church Chicago, IL, USA
Aug 15, 2019
Part time
The Worship Service Music Coordinator is a part-time position that entails approximately 6-8 hours per week (including the Sunday service). Musicians who lead us in singing or accompany other musicians are expected to prepare to the best of their ability, which includes but is not limited to prayer, personal practice (if necessary), preparation for and execution of regular rehearsals and worship service enjoyment. Because of the nature of church family relationships  AND the need for godly "upfront" leadership, the ideal candidate: Professes an unashamed faith in Jesus Christ, is a maturing follower of Christ and an example of humble servanthood and willing to become  a member  of Addison Street Community Church. Has a good grasp of the Bible's storyline as well as theology in general. Thinks creatively and is most of all guided by the authority, inspiration, inerrancy, clarity and sufficiency of God’s Word. Relates well to a diversity of persons: leadership, volunteers, our multi-generational congregation, visitors and community. Excels in reading and performing music especially the songs of the Christian church, modern and “ancient” whether as a vocalist or instrumentalist, and demonstrate an eagerness to learn. Is able to express through music the vast range of emotions bound up in a gospel-anchored liturgy. Knows how to own mistakes responsibly while vigorously seeking to improve. Is willing to serve for a minimum of 1 year. 2 years are preferred. Compensation will be discussed during a video or in-person interview commensurate to candidate's versatility and experience. Applicants with proficiencies in piano, strings or lead guitar will be preferred.    Specific responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following: Attendance at the weekly Addison Street Community Church worship service. In conjunction with the Pastor, selecting songs for Sunday and growing a thoughtful and diverse "canon" for congregational singing. Developing volunteer musicians from within  and  recruiting a solid pool of outside musicians. Organizing and leading rehearsals for Sunday gatherings. Finalizing accurate lyric slides for the screen presentation  Keeping the Sunday Worship Planning document (an internal Google doc) updated. Making joyful music to the Lord with the congregation during the actual worship service. Meeting with pastor and other staff for prayer, mutual discipleship, and worship service planning and review. Building a sustainable and replicable structure for our musical ministry that enhances the variety and quality of our music toward “doxological excellence.” Assimilating more deeply into the life of our church by participating in our seasonal Gospel Growth Groups (usually 6-8 weeks) and/or other discipleship opportunities. How to apply Please email your resume, any linkable online samples, AND a separate page that: Demonstrates a credible testimony of conversion to and following of Jesus Christ Answers the question in 350 words or less— What is the Gospel? Answers the question in 500 words or less— What is the local church? Demonstrates a commitment to the local church. Include references for 2-3 people (not family) that know you well in a local church context.  to Pastor Will Pareja at