His Mansion Ministries

His Mansion Ministries is a Christian addiction recovery program located in Deering, NH.  Our mission is to restore broken lives through the hope of Jesus Christ. We serve both men and women ages 18-40 who may struggle with substance abuse, pornography or sexual addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, or who have suffered trauma and abuse. 

For over fifty years, His Mansion has been investing in the lives of people looking to break free from their addictions harmful behaviors. We know that the only way for someone to truly overcome their addiction or struggle is through a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We foster genuine relationships with people to minister the Gospel and see their lives transformed.

Our staff and their families come to live at His Mansion with one mission: minister the love of Christ to see people’s lives transformed. 

Here, people can learn about the Gospel as well as experience it daily. Through counseling, classes, work, and Christian fellowship, people seeking recovery experience a healthy life apart from addiction. Through the love and care of others in our community, those seeking recovery can have new hope for a healthy future.

Apr 21, 2022
Full time
His Mansion Ministries Deering, NH, USA
The Servant Leader Program is a twelve-month ministry and discipleship training program designed to equip you to be a follower of Jesus Christ and leader of others. Servant Leaders oversee individuals in His Mansions residential recovery program. Servant Leaders are responsible for leading, guiding, and pointing the residents to Christ. Servant Leaders are trained and equipped for their role, previous ministry, or mental health care experience is not required, although it is a plus.  This job is perfect for recent and upcoming graduates looking for practical experience in the mental health, addiction recovery, or ministry fields. This role allows you to work alongside men and women dealing with addiction issues, trauma, and other mental health concerns while receiving support and training from staff. This position is typically a one-year commitment, making it perfect for someone looking to gain work experience before applying to or attending graduate school or who wants to try...