Children's Learning Place

Children’s Learning Place is an Early Learning Academy focused on providing a well-rounded educational experience. Our curriculum is designed to recognize and respond to the needs of each child during their early developmental stages.

Our primary objective is to champion a lifelong interest in learning and creativity by providing a stimulating academic environment. We want children to enjoy learning, while teaching each child to become a motivated, thoughtful student as they associate learning with positive experiences in a loving and nurturing environment. Our educational activities and enrichment programs promote physical, intellectual, social, emotional growth and development.

Children’s Learning Place offers full or part-time employment, 401(k), health, dental, vision and life insurance, paid holidays and vacation.

Children’s Learning Place is family owned and operated with 5 early learning academies in the Chicago area.

Children’s Learning Place believes in promoting within the CLP family as we continue to grow.

If you are passionate about children and looking for a career in early childhood education, we can offer you an excellent opportunity to advance or begin your career.