Grace Bible Chapel

GBC is a non-denominational, evangelical church, with a strong emphasis on Biblical teaching. Formerly congregationally led with elder and deacon boards, we have recently moved to an elder-led structure with strong congregational involvement to better align with a Biblical model of leadership and to be more effective in ministry as the church grows. In its long history, GBC has only had a few pastors, their tenure of service being 20, 30 and even 40 years. We are grateful for a strong volunteer base and from within that volunteer base, many of our current and past staff members have been hired.

We are passionate about global missions and currently support eighteen missionaries. Six of those missionaries grew up in GBC and we have been honored to be their “sending” church.
We believe God has specially resourced us and gifted us to minister to children and youth and that He has called us to strengthen the family through our ministries. We are a body of believers who, over the years, have endeavored to demonstrate grace; to love and care for each other and those around us.

Grace Bible Chapel (GBC) is located in rural Rising Sun, MD which is in the northeast corner of the state, bordering PA and DE. GBC had been located in Zion, MD since 1947 before moving in 2010 to our current location. Our building is situated on approximately 30 acres and was designed with ministry to families in mind. A large multi-purpose room serves as a sanctuary on Sunday mornings and as a gym during the week to facilitate ministry to youth. The multi-purpose room is flanked by two wings which house classrooms and office space. Thanks to God’s abundant provision and faithful giving on the part of our church family, we are happy to say that GBC is debt free and looking forward to the day when God might lead us to add on to the facilities He has entrusted to us.

Mar 14, 2023
Full time
Grace Bible Chapel Rising Sun, MD, USA
Grace Bible Chapel in Rising Sun, MD is seeking the Lord’s direction for our next Senior Pastor. We have worked diligently over the last year by partnering with Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) to strengthen our governance and core ministries to make ready for our next servant leader. We are excited to welcome him and carry on in our mission to expand God’s Kingdom by making and growing disciples. We believe God is leading us to a servant leader who desires to develop loving disciple-makers for His Kingdom. He speaks the Gospel clearly and lovingly with an aim toward making and maturing believers in Christ. His past leadership is evidenced by the identifying, developing, training, and equipping of Christ-like leaders. He communicates a clear vision of how to create and maintain relationships within the body with an excitement for active participation in church ministries. He regularly seeks relationships with non-believers, frequently sharing his faith in Christ’s redeeming work on...