World Relief Chicago

World Relief, in partnership with the local church, envisions the most vulnerable people transformed economically, socially, and spiritually. World Relief Chicago assists with the resettlement of refugees by providing cultural adjustment and employment services, mental health counseling, English Language Training, legal services, and programs for children and youth. Since its establishment in 1980, World Relief Chicago has assisted in the resettlement of over 15,000 refugees. World Relief Chicago is located at 3507 W. Lawrence in Chicago’s Albany Park Neighborhood.

$13,992 yearly
World Relief Chicago 3507 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
Sep 05, 2019
Full time
This position will recruit, identify, train, and match volunteers and in-home tutors with refugee and immigrant youth and young adults as part of World Relief Chicago’s Youth Mentoring and Youth Impact programs. The Volunteer Coordinator will oversee the volunteer matches by providing support and monitoring progress towards previously identified goals. This position will also assist in parental engagement. All applicants will need to apply to VOCAL AmeriCorps to become a member AFTER they have interviewed and been offered this position by World Relief Chicago. The VOCAL AmeriCorps website is AmeriCorps provides a stipend per year of $13,992, deferment of most college loans, monthly training, and an education award of $6,095 which can be used for past, current or future tuition and related costs. Some members may also qualify for free medical benefits and a food allowance. Additionally, World Relief Chicago provides a monthly Ventra (public transportation) pass to the member for the entire year or the equivalent amount towards gasoline as well as a $150 per month stipend. Responsibilities and Duties:  Recruit, identify, train, and match volunteers and in-home tutors with refugee and immigrant youth and young adults.  Overseeing volunteer matches and providing support as well to assist in answering questions that the volunteer may have.  Monitor progress of match relationships and work with mentors to identify possible educational and vocational opportunities for those in the Youth Mentoring Program.  Regularly contacting mentors to monitor progress towards goals.  Conduct regularly scheduled in-home check-ins that will often be scheduled for nights or weekends.  Lead cultural orientation sessions on understanding American culture, laws, systems, workplace rules, and opportunities.  Work collaboratively with Employment and Youth Program staff to best serve clients.  Communicate with parents of children matched with volunteers.  Attend department and office-wide meetings.  Other responsibilities as assigned.