Wheaton Bible Church

Located 30 miles west of Chicago, Wheaton Bible Church is a non-denominational church of 6,000 people gathering in three congregations in English- and Spanish-speaking services. The Wheaton Bible Church (North Avenue) campus is in West Chicago. This facility is also home for Iglesia del Pueblo (IDP). A full partner in the total ministries of Wheaton Bible Church, IDP is a vibrant and growing Latino congregation with services in Spanish. A third Wheaton Bible Church congregation, Tri-Village Church meets in Streamwood, at the Awana corporate campus at Bartlett and Bode Roads.

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Wheaton Bible Church West Chicago, IL, USA
Feb 12, 2021
Kids’ Life Summer Intern  Wheaton Bible Church – West Chicago, Illinois  20 Hours/Week, unpaid  May 31 – August 8, 2021 (10 Weeks)   You are an apprentice, a learner, a leader-in-the-making who has a great foundation of knowledge that is just at the start of being implemented. We are a team of kids’ ministry leaders who bring a wide range of education and gifts to the trenches of ministry. The purpose of this internship is to create a fusion between our stages of life and ministry experience to develop you and further the kingdom of God through the work of Wheaton Bible Church. We want to help you explore ministry-related issues, develop as a teacher, grow interpersonally, and have the skills you need to lead a team of volunteers well.   Core Requirements : This is the foundation of what you need to qualify for this internship.   A commitment to holiness and developing a personal walk with God   A desire to pursue professional, personal, and spiritual...