Ocqueoc Baptist Church

Ocqueoc Baptist Church is located in Millersburg, Michigan. The Church is a independent fundamental church located in a rural community.

At Ocqueoc Baptist Church we believe in the Word of God and hold the fundamentals of the faith. Our mission is to bring the peace of Jesus to a troubled world.

Ocqueoc Baptist Church Millersburg, MI, USA
May 19, 2021
Full time
Ocqueoc Baptist Church of Millersburg, Michigan is seeking the Lord’s leading in finding a pastor for their church and is waiting on the Lord’s timing.   The Church is independent and located in a rural community. It is the desire of the church to have a man who is truly a pastor by scripture definition and not only a teacher.   The opening is for a person who is committed to reflect the Lord Jesus Christ in their action and not in word only. A small town ministry is a challenge and would require a soldier of the cross. If the Lord is directing you to this type of ministry you may make contact with the chairman of the Pastor Search Committee in the following manner. Position will remain active until filled. Ocqueoc Baptist Church Luke Ellenberger P.O. Box 156 Millersburg, MI 49759 Email:  ocqueocbaptistchurch@gmail.com Church Phone: (989) 733-8219 Mobile: (989) 306-0418